November 8th, 1904

Special Council Meeting, 3 pm November 8th, 1904

Present Miss Bulley (in the chair), Miss Ashton, Miss J. Gaskell, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Faraday, Miss Emily Cox, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Herford, Mr. Marr.

Minutes were read and confirmed.

The Chairman read a letter from Miss M. Kemp resigning her membership of the Council, & withdrawing her subscription to its funds; and a letter from Miss Wroe withdrawing her subscription.

The letters of testimonial  to Miss Holden and Mrs. Aldridge were then read & considered.  After some discussion Miss Ashton moved and Miss Gaskell seconded that Mrs Aldridge be appointed Organising Secretary for six months from the earliest date at which she can undertake the duties: the salary to be at the rate of £100 per annum.  This was carried unanimously.

Mrs. Cooke reported that she had been unable to see Mr. Carter re the Upholsteresses' Union and had therefore written to him.  He had replied that there was no likelihood of the Upholsteresses joining  the new Association. 

Arrangements were made for continuing to keep the office hours.

A. Amy Bulley