March 10th, 1909

Council Meeting held Wednesday, March 10th 1909 at 3 o’clock


Present Mrs. L. Spence (chair), Mrs. F. M. Eddie (Midwives), Councillor Margaret Ashton, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Miss Maggie Hall (Cigarette Makers), Councillor T. R. Marr, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies. Apologies for absence received from Miss Emily Cox and Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke.

Minutes. Mrs Carpenter cannot join the Council. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed. A letter was read from Mrs. Carpenter thanking the Council and expressing regret at being unable to accept their invitation to become a member.

Manchester Royal Infirmary and Resident Medical Women. The following letter was received in reply to the resolution re-Women Doctors and the Royal Infirmary:

Dear Madam, Manchester Royal Infirmary February 16

I am desired by the Committee to inform you in reply to your letter while of the 11th that at a meeting of the Infirmary Committe held on the 9th inst. the following resolution was passed:- “That a Committee be appointed to enquire into and consider the subject of the appointment of medical women candidates to resident posts at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, and to report in writing to the Committee.”

Yours etc.
W.S. Gaul

Suffrage meeting of Industrial and Professional Women in the Free Trade Hall. A circular was received from Miss Roper and Miss Eva Gore Booth joint Secretaries of the Committee appointed to organise a Public Suffrage Meeting of Industrial and Professional Women at the Free Trade Hall on March 17th 1909, asking the Council’s help in making the meeting known. Mr. Herford moved and Mrs. Eddie seconded that the Council give all possible help in calling the attention of the Union Secretaries and members to the meeting.

Finance. The financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee Minutes were read.

Organisation report. Bolton Branch of Telephone Operators. The Organisation Report showed that the Secretary visited Bolton on March 1st with Miss Tynan and Miss Seddon, of the Manchester branch of the National Association of Telephone Operators to meet the Bolton operators, a good meeting was held and a Bolton branch of the Association formed.

Confectioners Meeting. The meeting for Confectioners was held on Thursday March 4th at the Amalgamated Bakers and Confectioners’ Club at 56 Swan Street. One new member enrolled. As the meeting aroused a good deal of interest amongst confectioners it was proposed to hold a series of fortnightly meetings at the same place.

Cigarette Makers' Union. That the Cigarette Makers, Cutters and Packers Union had won the action brought by them against Mr. Muratti on behalf of their members. Mr. Muratti had given the member a written character, signed an apology & paid costs & damages without the case being taken to court.

Midwives. That the National Association of Midwives was claiming representation on the Departmental Committee appointed by the Privy Council to enquire into the workings of the Midwives Act.

Addresses on the Work of the Council. That addresses on the Council’s work were given by the Secretary before members of the Gorton Women’s Labour League on the afternoon of March 1st and at an At Home given by the Women’s Federation League at 47 Moseley Street on March 3rd.

Midwives at Liverpool. That the Secretary had also spoken at a meeting of the National Association of Midwives in the Engineers Hall, Liverpool on March 8th.

Next Meeting. It was agreed to hold the next Council on April 21st as the regular meeting day would come in Easter week.

Emily Cox
April 21st 1909.