February 12th, 1913

Council Meeting held Wednesday February 12th 1913 at 3.00pm


Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Ashcroft, Mrs. Gilroy, Mrs. E. Todd, Mr. Ed Dale, Miss Mary Quaile and Mrs. Aldridge.

Apologies. Apologies for absence submitted from Mr. Herford and Miss Foster.

Minutes. The Minutes of last meeting were read and passed.

Chairman re-elected. Mrs Cooke took Miss Cox’s place in the chair during election of Chairman for the year: Miss Todd moved and Mrs. Findlay seconded that Miss Emily Cox be re-elected Chairman for the year 1913. Carried unanimously.

Annual Meeting. It was reported that the eighteenth annual meeting was held at the Town Hall in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour on the afternoon of February 4th at 3.30. The Lord Mayor presided. The report was adopted on the motion of Councillor James Johnston and Miss Llewellyn Davies. Officers and Council re-elected on motion of Lady Schwann and Professor J. J. Findlay and supported by Mr. H. Limb (Sheffield). Vote of thanks to the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. Moved by Miss Tynan and seconded by Very Rev. Monsignot Poock. A small show of articles made by cheap labour was held from 3 to 3.30. The Lady Mayoress was present and spoke.  

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee Minutes were read.

Cotton Trade Unions. It was proposed that the Lancashire Cotton Union including women in their membership should be invited to make a grant to the Council and to send a woman member to attend the Council meetings & that the invitation be extended to the Hatters' Union. Mrs. Cooke moved and Mrs. Findlay seconded that the invitation be sent. Carried unanimously.

Purchase of Sweated Goods. The Chairman moved and Miss Todd seconded that the Secretary be authorised to purchase some chains and hollow-ware and any other articles to complete the collection of articles made by cheap labour for exhibition purposes. Carried unanimously.

Proposed Shows of Sweated Goods. It was also agreed to get in touch with churches, chapels and other organisations in districts where home workers live. That these bodies be asked to arrange small shows of sweated articles and to hold meetings which would be attended by members of the Council. It was felt that this would arouse interest in the Homeworkers’ Association.

Messrs. Reynolds’ Clothing Factory. It was reported that the workers at Messrs. Reynolds’ Clothing Factory had had the insurance money which had been wrongly deducted from their wages since July last returned to them.  

Sweated Goods at University. Mrs. Findlay suggested that a small show of sweated goods be arranged at the University to precede Mr. Mallon’s lecture on February 27. This was agreed to. Mrs Findlay kindly undertook the arrangements.

Emily Cox March 12th 1913