August 16th, 1911

Council Meeting held Wednesday, August 16th 1911 at 3.00 pm

Attendance. Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. Whittaker, Rev. CT Campion, Mr. Hugh V Herford, Miss Maggie Hall, Miss Mary Quaile, Mrs. OM Aldridge.

Apologies. Apologies submitted from Councillor Margaret Ashton, Mr. Edward Dale and Miss M. Francis.

Minutes. Minutes of the last meeting read and passed.

 Suffrage Demonstration. Stevenson Square. A letter was read from the Manchester Suffrage Society asking the Council to take part in a demonstration in support of the Conciliation Bill on Saturday, September 16th in Stevenson Square. After discussion Mrs. Whittaker moved and Miss Hall that the invitation be accepted. Mr. Herford moved an amendment which was seconded by Mrs. J. J. Findlay that the Council do not take part in the demonstration. The amendment was lost.

Finance. The monthly financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Shipping Minimum Conceded by Lloyds Syndication. It was reported that the Society of Women in the Shipping Industry was still carrying on an active campaign for the establishment of a minimum wage. Mrs. Aldridge had accompanied a deputation from the union to interview the Directors of Lloyd’s Packing Warehouses Limited at 20 Princess St. on August 9. After lengthy discussion the demands of the women were conceded and the following minimum rates agreed upon.

Hookers on Shorties to receive 11/-previous rates 7/6-11/-

“                    Prints                          12/-   “            “        8/-12/-

Stitchers                              “          14/-    “              “        7/6-12/-

Tiers of Shoolies, Parcellers etc  13/-  “          “          7/6-12/-

Markers off                        “              15/-  “                      11/-15/-

These rates to been paid in the eight warehouses controlled by the syndicates from Saturday August 12. Several small firms had agreed to pay the same rates and negotiations were proceeding with Messrs. Booth & Co.    

Liverpool Rubber Workers. It was also reported that the women and girls in two big Rubber Works at Liverpool had struck work for an advance on prices. The demands of the women were conceded the same day. After the settlement Mrs. Aldridge had twice gone to Liverpool to meet the girls. They were all enrolled in the Manchester Rubber Workers Union - they would manage their own business and be known as the Liverpool Branch. 335 names were taken. Mrs. Billinge and Miss Mc Connell were helping the women.

Blouse Makers Wages Norwood Manufacturing Company. It was reported that several interviews had taken place between the Amalgamated Society of Corset Makers and Sewing Machinists re-prices for blouse making. Negotiations were still proceeding and it was hoped that a thorough revision of prices would take place before next season.

Industrial Law Committee. On the motion of Mr. Herford seconded by Mrs. Findlay it was agreed to send a small affiliation fee to the Industrial Law Committee.

Secretary’s Holiday. It was agreed that the Secretary should take her holiday in September.

Emily Cox September 13th.