April 14th, 1915

Council Meeting held Wednesday April 14th 1915 at 3pm.

Members Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Councillor James Johnston, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. Bamford Tomlinson, Mrs. Withington, Miss Chapman and Mr. H. V. Herford

Apologies. Apologies of absence were received from Mrs. F. E. A. Cooke and Mr. Oliver.

Minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Arising from the minutes Mrs. Findlay reported on the meeting called to form a Manchester branch of the War Emergency Workers’ National Committee. The Council were invited to nominate one delegate and it was resolved that the Secretary act on behalf of Council.

Change of delegates. Correspondence was read from Miss Spear resigning and sending in the name of Miss Chapman as the Shop Assistant’s delegate. From Miss Todd resigning and sending in the name of Mrs. Withington as the delegate from the Manchester branch Women’s Co-op Guild.

War Emergency Conference. Mrs Aldridge appointed to attend. From the War Emergency Workers National Committee asking for a delegate at a Conference to be held in London on women’s work in wartime to take place on April 16th. Moved by Miss Cox seconded by Mrs. Findlay and carried that Mrs. Aldridge be asked to act or to get someone else to attend on the Council’s behalf.

Finance. The Treasurer gave a financial statement.

Sub- Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee minutes were read.

Women Clothiers. The Clothiers’ Union had formed a Women’s Organising Committee for Manchester out of a meeting of girls held in the Clarion café. A Minutes Secretary has been appointed and many grievances affecting women reported to the Committee to be dealt with at an early date.

Box Makers. Box makers have gained a 1/2d advance on a piece rate paid for the last 10 years.

Humphreys Blouse Makers. The Secretary reported that the girls working for Mr. John Humphrey, Blouse Manufacturer, had met at the office to discuss the prices paid on 12 lines of work, and to ask for an increase on the work under discussion. The employer had been interviewed and he refused to grant any increase but promised to discuss prices with a deputation of four of his own girls to be nominated by the Union.

Women’s International Congress Hague. Miss Cox reported that the Manchester branch of the British Women’s Committee for the Women’s International Congress at the Hague had decided to send 10 delegates to the Congress, which included Mrs. Findlay and herself and she suggested that they represent the Women’s Trades Union Council. It was moved by Mrs. Tomlinson seconded by Mr. Herford and carried that Miss Emily Cox and Mrs. Findlay be the Council’s delegates to the Hague Congress.

Women’s War Interest Committee. Mrs. Bamford Tomlinson reported on the work of the Women’s Interest Committee and the Council decided that Mrs. Tomlinson and the Secretary represent them on this Committee.

Hugh V. Herford April 14th 1915.