July 2nd, 1901

Council Meeting July 2nd 1901

Present Mrs Ashwell Cooke (Chair), Miss Wilson, Miss Spencer, Mrs. Hobhouse, Miss Faraday.

Apologies received from Miss Ashton, Miss Crompton and Mr. Caiger.

Minutes were read and passed.

It was reported that the sub-Committee had met and the Secretaries had been directed to draw up a memorandum re Factory Bill to be sent to the Lancashire Members of Parliament.  This had been done & a copy of the memorandum was submitted to the Council.

(Re Tailoresses) Mrs. Schwann and Miss Gore-Booth had been to the  Coop works in Broughton to interview the Manager.  It was hoped that a better understanding had been arrived at.  Another meeting had been held and the membership was increasing.

Further investigations re cotton trade proved that there is no branch of the Weavers' Union in Manchester.  The Secretaries had seen Mr. Wilkinson (Secretary of the Northern Counties Amalgamated Weavers Association) who had expressed great dissatisfaction with this state of things.  He had expressed his willingness to ask his committee for a grant of money towards the Councils expenses, if they would undertake to organise among the weavers.  A letter was read from Miss Bulley and after some discussion a Resolution was passed, moved by Mrs. Hobhouse, seconded by Miss Spencer &ldquo, that if a grant of money was given for organising purposes by the Weavers Association the Secretaries should begin the work without further delay.”

A successful meeting of Cap Makers had been held at St. Saviours school,  Parks Street.  The Rev.  S.  Hailstone had kindly consented to let the union use the school gratis every Monday evening - officers were elected and arrangements made for the future.

The Council’s finances were discussed.  The funds were found to be in an unsatisfactory condition.  Mrs. Hobhouse proposed that the Council should secure the services of a lawyer if possible, who would undertake occasional cases free of charge.  A difficulty had been felt with regard to the Jewish girl who had been ill treated by her employer and had found it quite impossible to raise the necessary funds.  Mrs. Hobhouse agreed to make inquiries of Mr. Worthington as to the possibility of finding a lawyer willing to act in the capacity of Hon. legal adviser to the Council.  The subject was referred to the next meeting.  Miss Wilson moved and Miss Faraday seconded that Professor Sidney Chapman be asked to join the Council.

A. Amy Bulley