May 8th, 1912

Council Meeting held Wednesday May 8th 1912 at 3 o’clock.


Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Councillor Margaret Ashton, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. C. J. Spence, Mrs. Anott Robinson, Mrs. E. Todd, Mr. Graeme Cox, Mr. Hugh V. Herford, Mr. Ricketts Miss Mary Quaile, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge.

Apologies. Apologies for absence submitted from Mrs. Jones, Mrs Tawney and Miss F. Spence.

Minutes. The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

“Manchester Weekly Citizen” Advisory Committee. Correspondence: a letter was read from “The Manchester Weekly Citizen” asking the Council to appoint a representative on its Advisory Committee. Mrs. Aldridge was appointed and it was agreed to send Miss Quaile at any time when Mrs. Aldridge could not be present.

School Clinics. A letter also came from the Levenshulme Branch of the Women's Cooperative Guild asking the Council to join them in a deputation with other women’s organisations to the Education Committee on the subject of school clinics. As the subject was somewhat outside the special work of the Council and that representatives had already been appointed by the joint committee it was agreed not to take part.

Suffrage Demonstration in Platt Fields. The Manchester Suffrage Society wrote asking the Council’s cooperation in a demonstration to be held at Platt Fields on June 22nd. Mrs. Anott Robinson and Mrs. Aldridge were appointed to the Committee.

Finance. The monthly financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Sub Committee Minutes. The Sub Committee Minutes were read.

Painters to Calico Printers’ Engravers Trade Union formed. It was reported that on April 29th a meeting of Painters to Calico Printers’ Engravers was held at the office. The ten Manchester firms were represented. A unanimous vote was given in favour of the formation of a trade union. Mr. Chas. Kean Secretary of the Calico Printers’ Engravers and Mrs. Aldridge were present.

Gorton Rubber Works. It was reported that a reduction from 2/11 to 2/9 per 100 for single joints had been made in the Tube room at the Gorton Rubber Works and that in future all double joints formerly paid at lower rates should be done at single rates. Mrs. Aldridge had interviewed the Manager. He agreed to pay double prices as before for double joints but refused to alter the single joint rates. A further interview was agreed upon.

Broughton Flax Mill. It was reported that the Broughton Flax Mill was closing down. Mrs Aldridge wrote twice to Messrs. Renshaw for an interview. The following was received in reply on April 26th: “We duly received yours of March 30th and April 28th. It is common knowledge that we have decided to put the mill into voluntary liquidation and can see no useful purpose in an interview.; Yours faithfully Wm. Renshaw & Co. Ltd. “

Home Workers. It was reported that the visiting of homeworkers had commenced.

National Advisory Committee re-Insurance. It was reported that Mrs. Aldridge was appointed on the Advisory and Joint Advisory Committees re-National Insurance Act.

Joint Committees. Miss Quaile reported on the Joint Committee and the General Federation of Trade Unions.


Emily Cox June 12th 1912.