May 7th, 1907

Council Meeting Tuesday, May 7th 1907 at 3 o’clock  

Present Miss Emily Cox Chair), Miss M. Ashton, Miss J.B. Gaskell, Miss A. A. Bulley, Mrs. F. E. A. Cooke, Mrs. Horsfall, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies. Apologies for non-attendance submitted from Councillors James Johnston and T.R. Marr.

Appointment of Miss Emily Cox as Chairman. Miss Margaret Ashton moved and Miss Bulley seconded “that Miss Emily Cox be appointed Chairman of the Council”. This was put to the meeting by Mr. Herford and carried unanimously.

Minutes. Minutes at the last meeting read and passed.

Sub-Committee Minutes. Minutes of the Organisation Sub-Committee read by Miss Cox.

Cigarette Makers’ Dispute. The Secretary reported that the Cigarette Makers had pressed their claim and not having received a satisfactory reply from Messrs. Muratti’s the Union members after an interview with the firm on Saturday had resolved to stop work. All members numbering 260 had given notice when leaving on Saturday that they would not go in on Monday. The resolution was adhered to and Union members from Muratti’s were “on strike”. The Union had acted on its own initiative in opposition to advice given by members of the Council but also by Mr. Purcell (chairman of the Manchester Trades and Labour Council) and other members of his Executive.

Resolution re Dispute. After discussion it was resolved on the motion of Miss Ashton and Miss Bulley “That this Council deplores the hasty action of the Cigarette Makers’ Union in striking without allowing sufficient time to permit the employers to reconsider their scale of wages.” Unanimously passed. Agreed that a copy of the resolution should be handed to the Chairman, with the request that it be read at the Cigarette Makers’ Meeting at the Caxton Hall on Tuesday May 7th and that a copy be sent to the press if necessary.

Funds of Federation of Women Workers. A letter was read from Lady Schwann asking the Councils’ advice re-disposal of funds of the Federation of Women Workers for which she and Mrs. Arnold were the Trustees and Mrs. Arrandale Treasurer. Lady Schwann enclosed correspondence from Mrs. Dickenson asking that the funds should be transferred to a new Treasurer elected by the members and banked in the Federation’s new name the “Manchester and Salford Association of Machine, Electric and Other Women Workers.”

Resolved that

“As the funds in question have never been under the control of the Council the members feel they have no jurisdiction in the matter and leave the question of transference entirely to the Treasurer and Trustees of the fund.” The Secretary was instructed to write to Lady Schwann.

Invitation to Mrs. Harker to join the Council. It was unanimously agreed to invite Mrs. Harker to become a member of the Council.

The Treasurer reported on finance.

Organisation Report India Rubber Workers Union formed. The organisation report showed that a new Union “The Women’s Trade Society of India Rubber Workers” had been formed.

Work had been done among Cigarette Makers, Leather Workers and Sewing-Machinists.

Meetings held. A meeting had been addressed on trade unionism at the Lancs College Settlement by the Secretary.

Date of Sheffield meeting. That the Sheffield meeting re-Leather Workers would be held on Wednesday, May 8.

Emily Cox

June 4th 1907