March 5th, 1907

Council Meeting held March 5th 1907 Tuesday 3pm


Present Miss Margaret Ashton (Chair), Mrs. Horsfall (Women’s Cooperative Guild), the Secretary, Councillor James Johnston.

Apology. Apology for non-attendance received from Miss Emily Cox.

Minutes. Minutes of last meeting read and passed.

Report of Annual Meeting. Reported that the twelfth Annual Meeting had been held on Wednesday, February 20th. The Lady Mayoress (Mrs. Harrop) had given tea and had in absence of the Lord Mayor presided at the meeting. The attendance was good. Speakers were Miss. Mary R. MacArthur (Women’s Trade Union League), Rev. Dr. Poock, Miss Margaret Ashton, Councillor Tom Fox, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mr. John Harkin J. P, Rev. W. Llewelyn Herford, Mr. Richard Robinson and Councillor T. R. Marr. The Annual Report and Balance Sheet adopted.  

Letter from Miss Emily Cox re-chairmanship. In reference to the chairmanship of the Council a letter was read from Miss Emily Cox thanking the Council and asking that her decision might be left over to the next Council meeting.

Finance increase of subscriptions and grants. Since the last meeting the sum of £19. 1. 4 had been received in new grants, collections and subscriptions to the funds of the Council.

Dismissal of three girls at Muratti’s Cigarette Factory. The Secretary reported that 3 girls had been dismissed from Muratti’s for joining the Cigarette Makers Union on February 14th. The firm had previously placarded its works to the effect that any one forming the union or attending union meetings would be instantly dismissed. This had the effect of sending the majority of the employees to the meetings held by the Council. When the three girls were dismissed the matter was at once taken up by members of the Council and through them intervention jointly with the Trades and Labour Council 2 of the girls were reinstated and the firm withdrew all opposition to the union, giving a definite promise that both the men and women employed should have perfect freedom to join the union. The third girl was still out of employment and an effort was being made by Councillor Johnston to secure an opening for her in the Cooperative Cigarette Factory. The 3 girls had been paid from the Council’s Emergency Fund the full amount for time lost.

Membership Cigarette Makers' Union 240. The Union was formed on February 11th. The membership now numbered 240. 10 meetings had been held and 5 interviews with Muratti’s Firm.  

Meetings of Unions. The organisation report also showed that in connection with other unions 11 business meetings, a special meeting of the Midwives' Association at Swinton, and the quarterly general meeting of Telephone Operators had been attended by the Secretary.  

Meeting of Levenshulme YWCA. A meeting of the Levenshulme YWCA at St. Peter’s Schools had been addressed by the Secretary.

Emily Cox