July 3rd, 1907

Council Meeting Wednesday, July 3rd at 7.30



Miss Emily Cox (Chair), Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Horsfall, Mrs. J. Harker, Miss M. E. Frances, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mr. John Harker, J. G., Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary)

Apologies. Apologies for non-attendance received from Miss Margaret Ashton, Mrs. Bamford Tomlinson, Miss Alice Crompton, Miss JB Gaskell & Councillor James Johnston.

Minutes. Minutes of the last two Council meetings were read.

Cap Makers’ Union. A letter from the Cap Makers’ Union was read asking for particulars re affiliation in view of a proposal that the women cap makers should join the Council.

Finance. The Treasurer reported on the month’s finance. The Secretary was instructed to forward the annual appeal for funds at an early date to the trade organisation in the district.

National Union of Women Workers. A letter was received from the National Union of Women Workers asking the Council to consider the question of affiliating with them. After some discussion it was agreed in the motion of Miss Cox and of Mrs. Cooke to leave the matter over till the next meeting and to ask the Secretary to obtain further information.

Sub Committee minutes. The Organisation Sub Committee minutes were then read.

Cigarette makers. Mr. Harker reported on the settlement of the Cigarette Makers dispute. Owing to the premature demand for an advance in prices on the part of the Union members and the inadequate information they had given concerning their grievance, it had rendered the task of arbitration very difficult.

Increase in Prices. Messrs Muratti had however promised an advance of 1½ per 1000 on all but one kind of special work. This would benefit all the girls with the exception of 4, it was possible that the 4 might suffer a reduction of 1½ on this special work. Negotiations were still proceeding and it was hoped something more might be done in the matter. The working hours had been rearranged so that by working the tea half hour the girls were enabled to leave at 7 o’clock instead of 7.30.  

The Secretary reported that Messrs. Kriegfelds & Co. had granted an advance in prices bringing the rates to 1½ per 1000 more than Muratti’s for the same class of work. This having been obtained without difficulty.

Leather workers wages at Owens. The firm of Messrs. Owen & Co. (bag makers) had been interviewed re-prices. This firm had for many year paid lower wages than others for the same work. There had been much discontent, but prior to the formation of the Union the girls had been afraid to ask for an increase. The Union had now made the demand and in the place of the old time work wages the Union price list of piece work rates had been accepted by the management. The result had been to the girls advantage. Other girls at the firm had since joined the Union.

Fancy Leather Workers Annual Meeting. The second Annual Meeting of the Union members had been held and good report of the Union’s work and influence had been given. Several members reported that had it not been for the Union’s existence they would have had to submit on two occasions to a reduction in prices.

Secretaries’ Tea. A Secretaries tea which Miss Cox and the Secretary attended was held on June 5th. 6 of the 8 unions had been represented. About 30 girls were present.

Women’s Co-operative Guild. An address on women’s work and wages had given by the Secretary at a meeting of the Manchester Women’s Cooperative Guild.

Union meetings. 14 business meetings of the Unions had been held and were attended by the Secretary.

Labour Demonstration Committee. Mrs Aldridge had also attended the Labour Demonstration Committee in Heaton Park and presided over number 3 platform.

Date of next meeting. It was decided to hold the next Council meeting on Tuesday July 30th. This to be in place of the August meeting.

Secretary’s Holiday. It was arranged for the Secretary to take her holidays in September.

Emily Cox

July 30th 1907