February 5, 1907

Council Meeting held on Tuesday February 5th at 3 o’clock


Present Miss Gaskell (chair), Miss Ashton, Miss Crompton, Miss Reilly, Mrs. Findlay, Councillor T. R. Marr, Councillor James Johnston J. P., Mrs. Aldridge (Secretary), Mr. H. V. Herford (Treasurer).

Apologies. Apologies for non attendance from Miss Emily Cox, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke & Mr. H. Hughes.  

Minutes Passed. Minutes of the last meeting read and confirmed. Letter received from Mrs. Findlay stating that in view of the alteration from evening to afternoon she would reconsider her resignation from the Council.

Finances. This showed a much more hopeful outlook for the coming year.  

Increase in Grants. Since the last meeting nearly £18.00 had been received in grants from trade and Cooperative societies & new subscriptions and donations-the deficit being reduced from £60.16.0 to £43.15.2.  

Subscribers ask to forward subscriptions during first 3 months of year. A letter from the Treasurer had been sent to all subscribers asking for subscriptions to be paid, if convenient, during the first two months of the year. By this means that it was hoped to clear the overdraft at bank and leave a balance in hand.

Speakers for the Annual Meeting. Arrangements for the Annual Meeting were Miss Mary R. MacArthur (Secretary Women’s Trade Union League) would be the chief speaker. It was also decided to ask the Rev. Dr. Poock & Miss Evans (Factory Inspector) to address a meeting.

Meeting of Cigarette Makers Cutters and Packers arranged. The Secretary reported that a meeting of Cigarette Makers Cutters and Packers would be held on February 11th at the Chorlton Town Hall for the purpose of forming a Union for the trade. Leaflets and notices of the meeting were being circulated in all the cigarette factories in the District and a good deal of interest was being shown in the effort.

Midwives Association membership 80. The Secretary also reported that-the Midwives Association had reached a membership of 80.

Other Trade Union Meetings - that meetings of Leather Workers and Sewing Machinists had been held during the month.

Sadlers’ Union request Council’s help them. That a request had come from the Sadler’s Union for the Council’s assistance or influence in securing organisation amongst the women employed in the Sadlery trade at Walsall. It was decided that nothing could be done by direct action from the Council but that several men and women interested in Cooperation and Progressive work at Walsall should be written to by the Secretary urging them to give whatever assistance might lie in their power.

Chairmanship of Council. Miss Ashton reported that it was through pressure of other business, quite impossible for her to accept the chairmanship of the Council in place of Miss Bulley.

Miss Cox invited to accept chairmanship. It was unanimously agreed that Miss Emily Cox be invited to become chairman.

Margaret Ashton  

March 5th 1907