April 21st, 1909

Council Meeting held Wednesday, April 21st 1909 at 7 o’clock


Present Miss Emily Cox (Chair), Councillor Margaret Ashton, Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Whittaker, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies. Apologies for absence submitted from Councillor James Johnston, Mrs. J. J. Findlay and Mrs. Dendy.

Minutes. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Industrial Law Committee. The Chairman reported having interviewed the Secretary of the Industrial Law Committee in London. The Committee had not seriously advocated the formation of a Branch in Manchester. Willingness was expressed to work with the Council in Manchester and if possible to secure a local correspondent from its members.

Finance. The monthly financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Mr. H.V. Roe invited to join the Council. Mr. Herford moved and Mrs. Cooke seconded a resolution that Mr. H. V. Roe be invited to join the Council.

Manchester Trades and Labour Council. A letter was read from Councillor Fox Secretary of the Trades and Labour Council inviting the Council to send three representatives to a joint meeting at Caxton Hall on Tuesday, April 27th at 8 o’clcok convened for the purpose of discussing ways and means of furthering trade organisation amongst women. The meeting to consist of three members of the Executive of the Manchester Trades and Labour Council, three representatives of the Women’s Trades and Labour Council and three representatives from the Women’s Trades Union Council. Miss Ashton moved Mr. Herford seconded that Miss Cox, Mrs. Cooke and Mrs. Aldridge be appointed to attend the meeting.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee Minutes were  

Strike at Pattreioeux’s Cigarette Factory. The Organisation Report showed that: about 30 girls had struck work at Pattreiouex’s Cigarette Factory, Derby Street Cheetham Hill on Thursday, March 27th. The manager complained of bad work and wished to limit the amount of work done by each girl each week. This the girls strongly resented as many of them could easily make more than the number stated and held the limit imposed should apply only to those doing bad work. The strike lasted for a day and a half, the girls won their point and returned to work. Mrs Aldridge addressed meetings of the girls and they promised to join the Cigarette Makers’ Union. Only one girl was a member at the time of the dispute.

Mr. Roe’s Factory. Mrs Aldridge had, at Mr. Roe’s request, visited his braces factory at the Brownsfield Mill, Ancoats. She had inspected the work rooms and gone through the wages book.

St. Luke’s G. F. S. An address on the Council’s work had been given by Mrs Aldridge at the St. Luke’s Branch of the Girls Friendly Society at Weaste.

Future Meetings to be in Afternoon. Mr. Herford moved Mrs. Cooke seconded that owing to the poor attendance at the evening meetings of the Council all meetings in future be held in the afternoon. Carried unanimously.

Emily Cox
May 12th 1909